The DEX 
of Polkadot

Trade crypto without gas, front-running & MEV

DEX appchain bridged to Ethereum

With Mangata you can...

Cheap, easy
& secure trading

Start trading
  • Gasless swaps

    Don’t worry about gas fees anymore

  • No-front-running

    Don’t lose money to MEV

  • Intuitive UI

    Seamless trading app. Easy to use cross-chain transfers.

Stake once,
Earn twice!

Provide Liquidity
  • Time Incentivization

    Get higher rewards the longer you provide liquidity.

  • Proof-of-Liquidity

    Earn additional rewards by securing the network.

  • 0.2% LP Fee

    Earn commission from trading volume.

Build Web 3.0 apps & bots

Start Building
  • Mangata SDK

    Build software solutions for your transactions and experiment with Mangata SDK

  • XCM

    Integrate against our optimized xyk pallet to enjoy gasless swaps without front-running and easy auto-compounding

Expose your token to Web3

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  • List your token

    Bridge ERC-20 and xTokens and use our customized bootstrapping experience

  • Get liquidity

    Trustlessly add liquidity and tap into the incentive programs that Mangata offers

  • Integrate with XCM

    Leverage our partnerships to get integrated into cross-chain dapps

Mangata Products

We are building composable and upgradable chains & tech secured by Polkadot and Kusama. Find Your new favorite DeFi lego block to trade tokens and source liquidity.

Mangata DEX

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A mature and battle-tested DEX secured by Polkadot.

Coming soon

Mangata SDK

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Your gateway SDK to build a custom DEX frontend, integration or trading bot.

Mangata X

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Live on Kusama

A community-owned exchange for experienced traders & experimental tokens.

Hand-drawn Solarpunk Themis

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trading community