Cross-chain native swaps have arrived

Join us in our mission to build the leading infrastructure enabling native swaps between Ethereum and other blockchains using multi-chain ZK rollup technology.

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MGA Airdrop

Become a DEX tester & get your share of $50,000 in MGA token

Reserve your spot in upcoming Mangata X DEX tester program.

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Taking DeFi
to the next level

Trade smarter, get the best rates & stay protected with advanced security features.

hybrid DEX

Combining AMM & order book model to get the best of both worlds.

By combining the liquidity of automated market makers with the precision of order books, Mangata offers superior trading efficiency, improved price discovery, and a guaranteed trading cost.

MEV minimization

Stay protected from MEV bots

Themis Consensus Extension mitigates the issue of Miner Extractable Value (MEV) by taking away the unfair powers of centralized network actors. No more reordering or rejecting transactions; the ordering is equal for all network participants.

Building the new ZK-rollup
on Ethereum L2

Decentralized sequencers

Decentralized sequencer set for enhanced security.

L2 rollups run on centralized sequencers, that can perform MEV and are prone to malicious attacks. Decentralized sequencers enable a more secure, transparent, and resilient way of running Ethereum.

ETH L2 rollup architecture

Fast Ethereum rollup with
a ZK bridge to Polkadot.

A unique combination of Ethereum rollup and Polkadot parachain architecture enables fast and cheap transactions, secured by the ZK proof of finality.

Community-driven DEX

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