Buy & Burn

By implementing Algorithmic buy & burn Mangata is solving the problem of token devaluation by continually removing MGA tokens from the supply with every trade.

This mechanism creates a space for new incentives paid out by the system. There is no human interaction involved in algorithmic buy & burn. It happens autonomously as an on-chain mechanism.

Algorithmic buy & burn creates demand for MGA and adds deflationary pressure, and also ensures that MGA holders are rewarded by trading activity in the system, irrespective of the pool that is used.

Creating a new lever that leads to price appreciation for token holders, algorithmic buy & burn allows for the creation of new incentives for other stakeholders while still maintaining a hard cap.

You can learn more about Algorithmic buy & burn in the dedicated blogpost:

Algorithmic Buy & Burn - A novel mechanism to connect token price with success of the protocol

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